BranchPattern: An Inspired Name

In this video, Pete Jefferson explains the background behind BranchPattern, and the inspiration behind our new name. Enjoy!

Our New Era Starts NOW

M.E. GROUP and Forte Building Science are now Our name is inspired by the natural environment that surrounds us. Branch patterns are the building blocks of natural systems. Humanity is innately drawn to these elegant and efficient fractals. To better define branch patterns and how they work, click here to watch a video about Biomimicry.

About BranchPattern

  At BranchPattern, people are at the core of everything we think, create and do. We are a building consultancy dedicated to creating better built environments through our many interwoven specialisms. PURPOSE Our long-standing purpose guides everything we do and why we do it. Our beliefs are rooted in nature which has taught us that

Striving to Be Great Guides and Even Better Partners

In 27 years we have learned a great deal about ourselves, and others.  These reflections have brought into focus what inspires, drives, and moves us.  See what moves us.  A new era begins on 07.17.18.

Place People at the Core of Everything We Create

In 27 years we have learned a great deal about ourselves, and others.  These reflections have brought into focus what inspires, drives and moves us.  See what drives us. A new era begins on 07.17.18.   Did you see our first video? Check it out here: Be Inspired by the Possibility of Change

Summer 2018 Interns

Since the 1990’s, M.E. GROUP has facilitated an internship program for college students; a program built to guide and mentor future leaders. As of the summer of 2018, M.E. GROUP has 12 full-time employees who took part in a company internship. An opportunity where questions are encouraged and daily engagement with professionals is the norm,

Be Inspired by the Possibility of Change

In 27 years we have learned a great deal about ourselves, and others.  These reflections have brought into focus what inspires, drives and moves us. See what inspires us. A new era begins on 7.17.18.
Jon Brolhorst

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Cyber and Physical Security – Why You Should Always Roll the Dice

Cyber and Physical Security – Why You Should Always Roll the Dice By Roe Gammon | Technology Designer Today, our physical lives are so entwined with our online presence, a lack of digital security is a threat to everything important to us. That means our social lives, financial health, even our homes can be compromised

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What’s with all the “Bleeping” Beeping?

What’s with all the “Bleeping” Beeping? Keeping Calm in Sensitive Environments By Brad Lewis, CTS-D | Vice President, Technology + Acoustics Practice Lead &  Miles Dake, PE, AIA, LEED AP | Energy + Ecology Practice Lead Time after time in both empirical and intuitive findings, the physical environment is shown to play a huge role

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WHY BUILDINGS FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE BETTER FOR EVERYONE By Stuart Shell, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C NOTE: April is Autism Awareness Month. As a company dedicated to Improving Life through Better Built Environments, it is very important for our team to keep in mind all people in our research, analytics and design. A

Leveraging the LEED Volume Program to Reduce Costs & Increase Value

For over 10 years, Prologis, which is one of the largest real estate developers in the world, has implemented sustainable design and construction standards in their developments globally, and they earn LEED certifications for core and shell, tenant improvements, and build-to-suit projects. In 2014, Prologis formed a partnership with M.E. GROUP to develop their own

Meet Don Saal, Building Science Practice Lead in Denver

Denver, CO — Don Saal has joined M.E. GROUP as a Denver Practice Lead for their Forte Building Science practice.  Don brings over 20 years of experience in the building design and construction industry as a mechanical engineer and is a long-time champion of integrated project delivery. “Don shares our firm’s purpose of Improving Life

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Energy + Ecology: The Value of Early Analysis

Energy + Ecology: The Value of Early Analysis By Miles Dake, PE, AIA, LEED AP Energy + Ecology Practice Lead Energy + Ecology is a practice within M.E. GROUP developed to allow design teams to better meet owner and project goals. This group of highly specialized building analysis gurus integrates in with the building design

Shift Work Lighting

Shift Work Lighting: Does Your Lighting Affect Performance? By Marcel Harmon, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP O+M Introduction The human circadian system regulates our bodies’ various physiological rhythms, affecting hormone levels and our sleep-wake cycles. Lighting, particularly what is perceived by our eyes’ non-image forming photoreceptors or photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs), is a

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My Time in Malingua Pamba with EWB

By Jacqueline Davis, Mechanical Engineer, Denver Always Interested I’ve always been interested in the work Engineers without Borders (EWB) does. According to, “Engineers Without Borders USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs.” Their highly skilled volunteers work with communities to find appropriate solutions for

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Let’s Go Out! A Business Case…

Let’s Go Out! A Business Case for Dine-able Restaurants By Stuart Shell, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C and Meaghan Fitzgerald Walls BS, MSBE, ATP The American restaurant experience has evolved considerably since Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1960, famous ground of social protest. But where are we headed today? Does dining out continue to be

Don’t Overlook WELL for your Existing Projects

By Pete Jefferson, PE, WELL Faculty Vice President In less than three years’ time, the WELL Building Standard has gone from initial launch to having over 100 million square feet of projects registered and pursuing certification. We’re seeing the adoption of the standard across almost every sector, ranging from individual office fit-outs, all the way

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2017: Year in Review

2017 was a blast. Between MEP Design, Building Science, Technology+Acoustics, Energy+Ecology and our Corporate Services team, we kept very busy. We focused our VISION with sites on 2030; Rick Maniktala was announced as President of the firm; departments were bolstered; and we positioned ourselves to have an incredible 2018 with our human centered design approach.

GSS 2017 | Tour Recap: Fort Logan Northgate School

Green School Summit 2017 | Tour Recap: Fort Logan Northgate School by Dannie DiIonno, Business Development Specialist Last month, members of our Denver team were given an incredible opportunity to act as a tour guide, during the Green Schools Summit, for one of our projects. During this real-time case-study of the Fort Logan Northgate 3-8

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What does Your Tech. Say about Your Company?

How Coordinated Technology Makes Your Company the Star of the Show… or Conference Call By Brad Lewis, CTS-D | Vice President, Technology + Acoustics Practice Lead Imagine this… you’re running late for a meeting… you are a flurry of paper, coffee and panic running to get to the conference room. “Move Gerald! I’m LAAAATE!” you

Expect the Unexpected in Designing Education Spaces

Expect the Unexpected, a Reflection on the 2017 A4LE Conference in Atlanta by Mandy Redfield, PE, LEED-AP BD+C, Assistant Practice Lead, Denver Office I went to my first A4LE International Conference in Atlanta, GA with some expectations; to learn and meet new people. For the most part, however, I expected the experience would be similar

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Path to Net Zero: Adams 12 School District

By Miles Dake, PE, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Designing and constructing a school to achieve Net Zero Energy is a challenging goal. With consideration to the number of technologies and low cost energy-savings strategies that are available, it takes a huge upfront effort from all parties involved. Arriving at this goal requires careful upfront planning

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Are Buildings Robbing Us of Cognitive Function?

Are Buildings Robbing Us of Cognitive Function? How research on fresh air is changing the building industry by Marcel Harmon, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP O+M and Stuart Shell, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C It’s no surprise that fresh air would improve the satisfaction and productivity of building occupants. However, supplying large doses

Farewell, Interns! A Summer 2017 Retrospection

Thank you to all of our interns who spent this summer with us. We hope you had a great time and will take what you’ve learned with us with you as you continue your journey into your future career. Before they left, we asked our interns to provide on last reflection on their summer experience

KC Team Promotions

We are pleased to announce even more promotions at M.E. GROUP, and this time they’re each homegrown! Congratulations to Andrew Bridges, P.E, and Conner Smith, P.E. for taking the helm of the KC MEP Design Practice. Andrew has been tapped to serve as the MEP Practice Lead; while Conner will serve as Assistant Practice Lead

LEED, CHPS, Green Globes: What’s the Difference?

LEED, CHPS, Green Globes What’s the Difference? by Tim Bennett, Kincaid Bimler, Sarah Newstrom, Reid Poling, and Jake Summers Denver Summer Interns 2017 Schools are the bastion of learning and the cornerstone of society. We send our children to them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Sure, great teachers are the core of any great

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USGBC NFC WELL Building Standard Discussion Panel

Katherine Osterman, LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP, Greenroads STP USGBC NFC Vice Chair What is the connection between the built environment and our health? Can my office environment really affect my productivity? Are there project examples? Who can answer my questions about WELL? These questions were just a few I started asking when I heard

Managing Construction Costs in the K-12 Market

MANAGING CONSTRUCTION COSTS IN THE K-12 MARKET By Mandy Redfield, PE, LEED AP BD+C Senior Project Manager When it comes to the cost of labor and materials, the current construction climate in Colorado is volatile. We’ve seen construction costs rise month after month, but our clients’ needs and schedules remain unchanged. How can we, as MEP/T

Congratulations to Our New Practice Leads

M.E. GROUP is excited to share the firm’s recent promotions and organizational changes, which will allow us as a team to better continue to live out our purpose of Improving Life through a Better Built Environment. Our operations consist of our Building Engineering and Building Science divisions. Building Engineering is organized into five (5) practices,

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Rick Maniktala, President

M.E. GROUP Names New President

Overland Park, KS — Rick Maniktala, PE, MBA, HFDP, CxA, LEED-AP, has been named President of M.E. GROUP by the Board of Directors effective immediately. “We welcome Rick’s experience and leadership to the role of President,” said Aaron Stover, M.E. GROUP’s Controller & Board Member. “As President, Rick will provide strategic leadership for the company

Welcome Summer 2017 Interns!

M.E. GROUP is very excited to welcome our Summer Intern Class of 2017! These future engineers are ready to learn. We are even welcoming back a couple of familiar faces. Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer as our interns learn the importance of Improving Life through a Better Built Environment. TEAM KC: DARCI KERN


ACHIEVING MORE SUCCESS IN DESIGN-BUILD By Rick Maniktala, PE, LEED AP, CxA, MBA President Reduce risk. Drive innovation. Accelerate timelines. Ultimately, save money. These are the key benefits to teaming design and construction professionals under one contract in the Design-Build delivery method. Design-Build delivery can significantly lower costs and accelerate timelines*. The delivery method can

Sign of the Times: KC Office Expands to Accommodate Growth

We’re very excited to expand our Kansas City office by 700 square feet! We’re especially proud to have incorporated the following sustainable features: Low VOC primer and paint Low VOC carpet glue Reused carpet tiles Tune-able white light fixtures Day-light views were maintained Relocated light fixtures Local override of lighting controls to meet IECC 2012

Welcome Bob Weber, PE

Join us in welcoming Bob Weber, PE,  M.E. GROUP’s newest Chief Mechanical Engineer, based in our Denver office. “I am excited to be a part of a firm that is an industry leader in technical and innovative building systems design,” Bob said. With more than 20 years of industry and technical experience in

Interns Win at AEI Student Design Competition

Congrats to our interns, Mark Wilder and David Repair for winning the following awards awards at the 2017 Architectural Engineering Institute’s (AEI) Student Design Competition: 1st in Electrical (David was electrical lead) 2nd in Mechanical 2nd in Integration 1st in High Performance and WELL Project Challenge – Plaque 1st in Security and Resiliency


By Pete Jefferson, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP, HBDP Vice President The role of health and wellness in the built environment is dominating discussions throughout the design and construction industry. At the same time, programs like the WELL Building Standard have experienced rapid growth and represent a powerful tool for certifying that a building has

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WHY BUILDINGS FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE  ARE BETTER FOR EVERYONE By Stuart Shell, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C If people who own, operate and design buildings are not thinking about people with autism, they will be soon. Individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD have the same rights to functional, accessible spaces that the

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1. What is the most rewarding aspect about your job? Why? I get great satisfaction when successful projects pull a community or organization together. These are projects our staff can be proud of because we have learned something while designing and have put care and effort into ensuring that it provides benefit to the client

EVENT: 50 Shades of White: A Field Study

FIFTY SHADES OF WHITE: A FIELD STUDY – DYNAMIC WHITE LIGHTING, COLOR PREFERENCE AND EMPLOYEE ENVIRONMENTAL SATISFACTION Tuesday, June 13 • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Neocon | Chicago, IL Presented by Stuart Shell, AIA, project manager, Forte Building Science, Omaha, NE Paul Anderson, director of well-being, OFS Brands, Hunting Beach, CA Dave Pfund, president,

EVENT: Pikes Peak Summit Complex Presentation at RMG

Pikes Peak Summit Complex Presenters: Mike Riggs; Brian Calhoun; Pete Jefferson; Miles Dake Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain – is one of the most visited mountains in the world and a top tourist attraction for the State of Colorado. Visited by more than 600,000 people annually, it is unique in that is the only fourteener

EVENT: Past the Green Wall: Google Pittsburgh’s Biophilic Workplace

Past the Green Wall: Google Pittsburgh’s Biophilic Workplace 1 LU/HSW HOUR April 5, 2017 Session Four: 3:45-4:45 p.m. Presented by: Pete Jefferson, Forte Building Science; Connor Glass, Perkins Eastman; and Kate Malmgren, Google The status quo in workplace design leaves most occupants disconnected from nature. An early movement towards biophilic design is happening, but many early

EVENT: Member-Only Tour: Google Pittsburgh Expansion

Member-Only Tour: Google Pittsburgh Expansion + Marcel Harmon and Pete Jefferson share unique information about anthropological and ethnographic applications that were applied to the design of the space. March 30 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST Join Green Building Alliance for a behind-the-scenes tour of Google Pittsburgh’s newest offices. EXPERIENCE This exclusive green building tour

Stuart Shell presents: “Daylighting for Buildings” March 29th

AIA Omaha EATS Seminar #1: Daylighting for Buildings – How the Cloud Brings You Closer Daylight is complicated! – the sun is always moving around. But measuring how ‘good’ it is can be even more difficult. Building owners and operators are increasingly in concerned with daylight access. This because we continue to learn about how

Welcome Brad Lewis, Technology Practice Leader

Bold Moves Make Bold Progress: Introducing Brad Lewis Brad Lewis, M.E. GROUP’s new Technology Practice Leader and Vice President is into sound. Like, really into sound and the science behind it. So we asked him to join our team and bring his specialty expertise in Technology and Acoustics to complement our established suite of engineering

Q&A with an Expert: the WHY behind WELL

Listen to Sara Greenwood of USGBC Central Plains and our own Marcel Harmon discuss the importance of  WELL and The WELL Building Standard on KCUR 89.3’s “Up To Date” program. Click here. As a part of the next evolutionary phase of our outreach and education, Marcel Harmon, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP O+M, from


M.E. GROUP is excited to announce the launch of Technology + Acoustics, a dedicated practice group, under the company’s Building Engineering division that offers clients an integrated team for all of their building infrastructure systems. M.E. GROUP believes the new Technology + Acoustics practice is a natural extension and complements their expertise
Pete Jefferson

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At M.E. GROUP, Engineering is a Harmonious Art Form

Look Past the Constraints: At M.E. GROUP, Engineering is a Harmonious Art Form By Miles Dake, PE, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C This week is eWEEK, the national celebration of all things engineering. M.E. GROUP is taking this opportunity to recognize our engineers, educate our followers, and maybe inspire someone to become an engineer. So, in
Aaron Stover

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Why do We Decide to Build Sustainably?

Why do We Decide to Build Sustainably? By Marcel Harmon, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP O+M Several years I ago I did a pilot study looking at individual vs. group influences on the decisions that people make whether or not to build sustainably. Essentially I was looking at whether or not the more people

WELL Kick-Off

M.E. GROUP and Forte Building Science, a division of M.E. GROUP, launched the firm’s WELL initiative by engaging each of our offices in a company-wide program designed to align with our WELL Consulting services. The first step was to enjoy a healthy breakfast together and hear and presentations from our  WELL AP certified team members.

2016: Year in Review

It’s been quite a year for M.E. GROUP! We reached our 25th anniversary; we grew, in terms of successful projects and team members; we rolled out our new division, Forte Building Science, and we celebrated by thanking those who helped get us here. We’re on a roll and looking forward to more great things in

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  M.E. GROUP has a lot to be thankful for… We made it! Today is our official 25th Anniversary. We are thankful for everyone who has joined us on our journey, helped us celebrate our milestone (click here to see a gallery of images from our parties), and for our valued partnerships. Happy Thanksgiving from

Team Co-hosts WELL Building Symposium

Forte Building Science Co-hosts WELL Building Symposium By Stuart Shell, AIA, Project Manager Building owners are increasingly interested in creating healthy spaces. Over the last year we have continued to hear from business owners, educators, and developers seeking ways to achieve more from their investments in people. One response to this growing concern with wellness

Welcome to the Team: Fall 2016

JOHN BLAUMAN | Denver | Mechanical Engineer John was born and raised in Denver, and recently graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering. He is also one of our many intern success stories, having started with M.E. GROUP in the summer of 2015 as an intern, and is now

Energy Awareness Month 2016

As National Energy Awareness Month winds down for 2016, M.E. GROUP’s commitment to energy efficiency is as strong as ever. Awareness of Energy, its consumption, and how to better conserve it is an all-year commitment our team strives to bring to our clients on every project. When President George Bush first declared October as National

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Don’t Use Rules of Thumb

Quick Engineering Rule of Thumb: Don’t Use Rules of Thumb By Miles Dake, EIT, Assoc. AIA,  LEED-AP BD+C DOES YOUR DESIGN TEAM DISCUSS MECHANICAL LOADS? Don’t tell anyone that you know this, but it is a well-known secret to mechanical engineers that “rules of thumb” will get you really close for most things. Rules of
Pete Jefferson

Pete Jefferson presenting at GreenBuild 2016

The status quo in workplace design leaves most occupants disconnected from nature. An early movement towards biophilic design is happening, but many early adopters have not gone much further than a signature “green wall” in their incorporation of biophilia. Google’s Real Estate & Workplace Services (REWS) Team is challenged to create amazing work environments that

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More Team Members Earn WELL AP™

Congratulations to Andres Rodriguez-Burns and Carrie Nakamoto for earning their WELL AP™. Andres and Carrie join Pete Jefferson, Marcel Harmon and Stuart Shell in possessing the knowledge of human health and wellness in the built environment, and specialize in the WELL Building Standard. Successfully passing the WELL AP™ exam demonstrates knowledge in WELL Building Standard

From College to the Workplace

From College to the Workplace: How Sustainability Matures By Erica DiLello, LEED Green A little over a year ago, I was sitting at my graduation wondering what was next and where my degree in Building Construction and Technology would take me.  Having focused on sustainability throughout my college experience, I was determined to stay true

Thanks to our Interns!

Thank you to all of our interns who spent the summer with us. We hope you had a great time and learned a lot!   DENVER INTERNS: Reid Poling, University of Kansas “I truly had a great time as an intern this summer with the Denver office of M.E. GROUP.  I was impressed that interns

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Exploring the Concept of Future-Ready Buildings

By Anand Parthasarathy We live in an “Uber-world” of endless options, choices and “on-demand” everything that people have come to expect. So being able to do things at your own pace and choosing appears to be the most sought after prize. However, one could argue that taking an Uber to be somewhere and designing buildings

M.E. GROUP is “Soaring” Sponsor of G.L.O.W. Benefit

M.E. GROUP is proud to be the “Soaring” Sponsor for the inaugural Giving Lifts Our World Benefit for the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Lincoln, NE on June 25, 2016. This benefit features a hot air balloon launch, representing how giving lifts our world to new heights in protecting children, starting in our local communities.

Team Members Earn WELL AP Certification

We are pleased to announce that Marcel Harmon, Pete Jefferson, and Stuart Shell, members of Forte Building Science, a division of M.E. GROUP, have earned their WELL Accredited Professional (WELL APTM) credentials through the International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBITM), placing them among the first in the country to achieve this certification. Successfully passing the WELL

Introducing Forte Building Science

To learn more about Forte Building Science, contact Nate Maniktala at 888.454.8108 or email,, or visit our new website at M.E. GROUP has launched a new division called Forte Building Science that will now provide the firm’s Building Physics, Commissioning, Occupant Experience, and Certification services. This distinctive group is dedicated to advancing a

Building From Research

With over a century of applied science history, there is considerable knowledge about both child development and building science, but there is relatively little evidence regarding the relationship between indoor learning environments and student outcomes. Stuart Shell, AIA, with our Forte Building Science team, and co-presenter Ed Buglewicz, AIA, of RDG Planning & Design, will examine

Pete Jefferson and Marcel Harmon to Present at RMG 2016

          Pete Jefferson and Marcel Harmon will present Achieving Thermal Delight: Alliesthesia as a Design Approach at the Rocky Mountain Green conference ( on Friday, April 22 at 11:15 am the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. Join Marcel and Pete as they discuss how most buildings exist to

Proud to Partner with Brookdale Senior Living

M.E. GROUP is proud to announce the partnership with Brookdale Senior Living to reduce energy use at multiple properties within their portfolio.  Brookdale Senior Living is the largest senior housing provider in the country with more than 1,100 communities. Our team will work with Brookdale to reduce energy use and enhance occupant comfort at 42

Predicting the Future of Commissioning

By Ryan Baumgart, Associate Are you convinced that your office building doesn’t work properly? Let me guess, you wear a parka in August and Bermuda shorts in January trying to achieve some level of comfort. Maybe you’re the type with a personal space heater hidden under the desk despite the recent memo from corporate banning

Success through Diligent Coordination

By Andrew Bridges On the surface, coordination between an architect and a plumbing engineer may appear very straight forward; the architect guides the placement of fixtures based on room requirements and ADA accessibility standards, while the plumbing engineer routes the water, waste and vent from the site utilities to these end uses. However, difficulties arise

East Patrol Station & Lab, announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Leon Mercer Jordan Campus (East Patrol Station & Regional Crime Lab) is the recipient of: 2016 KCBJ Capstone Award for Community Impact 2016 EDC-KC Cornerstone Award, finalist    

NEW TEAM MEMBERS: Welcome to the Sandbox!

Welcome to the newest members of our team (from left to right): LEXI FRITZ | Denver | Administrative Assistant CANDY WILFORD | Kansas City | BIM/CAD JOSH DAWS | Corporate/Nebraska | IT Manager JESSICA ROCKWELL | Omaha | BIM/CAD

Bioclimatic Design at One End of the Spectrum

By Pete Jefferson, Principal | Vice President We talk a lot about bioclimatic design here at M.E. GROUP, and while a lot of what we design in our projects might be new, the actual concept of bioclimatic design is not. There are many different definitions trying to describe what bioclimatic design is, but I’ve settled

Announcing Our Newest Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following well-deserved elevations of our team members to Principal, Senior Associate and Associate:   PRINCIPALS Aaron Stover, Comptroller | Aaron is a member of our corporate division and has been with M.E. GROUP for 18 years. Jo Barr, Director of Marketing | Jo oversees our marketing, business development and

M.E. GROUP Celebrates 25 Years in 2016

Visit our special 25th Anniversary microsite: View the video of Our Story: ——————————————————————————————– What a difference 25 years makes. In 2016, we celebrate our silver anniversary, of not just high performance building design and consulting, but also 25 years of IMPROVING LIVES. When M.E. GROUP incorporated in 1991, cell phones were still the

NEW TEAM MEMBERS: Welcome to the Sandbox!

Alliesthesia in the Built Environment

By Pete Jefferson Principal I was first introduced to the term alliesthesia several years ago through research being conducted at Cal-Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment (CBE). Since that time, I’ve partnered with M.E. GROUP’s Applied Anthropologist, Marcel Harmon, PhD to understand the concept better and incorporate it into more of our projects. We

To Ground or Not to Ground?

To Ground or Not to Ground?  That is the VERY Important Question! How many of you have read the National Electrical Code (NEC®) book? Probably not many. We don’t blame you. Every time we read it, a new edition seems to pop up and replace it. For a code manual that has been constantly updated

Happy 15th Anniversary, Pete!

Congratulations to PETE JEFFERSON for 15 years of service to M.E. GROUP. Why does Pete love working for M.E. GROUP? “M.E. GROUP has provided me with so many amazing growth opportunities, including learning about and working on the first LEED projects early on in my career; as well as leading teams and setting the direction

Achieving Détente in the Office “Cold Wars”

Hot or cold in your office? You’re not alone. While acoustic complaints are gaining in frequency, thermal discomfort is still typically the number one complaint among building occupants. This issue has been a “hot,” or shall we say “cold,” topic in the news recently. Major news distributors, from the NY Times to the Washington Post

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap A Purely Integrated and Collaborative Process While Working Separately The specialized Architecture/Engineering industry has become so practiced, it many times becomes insular to what other disciplines are doing.  As an Architect and Engineer, bridging that gap between disciplines has always sparked my interest. Simply put, this effort means; reaching out from your