Managing Construction Costs in the K-12 Market

MANAGING CONSTRUCTION COSTS IN THE K-12 MARKET By Mandy Redfield, PE, LEED AP BD+C Senior Project Manager When it comes to the cost of labor and materials, the current construction climate in Colorado is volatile. We’ve seen construction costs rise month after month, but our clients’ needs and schedules remain unchanged. How can we, as MEP/T

Welcome Bob Weber, PE

Join us in welcoming Bob Weber, PE,  M.E. GROUP’s newest Chief Mechanical Engineer, based in our Denver office. “I am excited to be a part of a firm that is an industry leader in technical and innovative building systems design,” Bob said. With more than 20 years of industry and technical experience in

Don’t Use Rules of Thumb

Quick Engineering Rule of Thumb: Don’t Use Rules of Thumb By Miles Dake, EIT, Assoc. AIA,  LEED-AP BD+C DOES YOUR DESIGN TEAM DISCUSS MECHANICAL LOADS? Don’t tell anyone that you know this, but it is a well-known secret to mechanical engineers that “rules of thumb” will get you really close for most things. Rules of

Success through Diligent Coordination

By Andrew Bridges On the surface, coordination between an architect and a plumbing engineer may appear very straight forward; the architect guides the placement of fixtures based on room requirements and ADA accessibility standards, while the plumbing engineer routes the water, waste and vent from the site utilities to these end uses. However, difficulties arise

To Ground or Not to Ground?

To Ground or Not to Ground?  That is the VERY Important Question! How many of you have read the National Electrical Code (NEC®) book? Probably not many. We don’t blame you. Every time we read it, a new edition seems to pop up and replace it. For a code manual that has been constantly updated