Thank you to all of our interns who spent this summer with us. We hope you had a great time and will take what you’ve learned with us with you as you continue your journey into your future career.

Before they left, we asked our interns to provide on last reflection on their summer experience with us. Here’s what they had to say:


Kincaid Bimler, Colorado School of Mines
“I learned so much through my internship at M.E. GROUP and really looked forward to going into work every day. I was exposed to a lot more than I was expecting, and I am extremely grateful that my team let me be involved in all different aspects of the engineering process. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are more than willing to help and answer all of the questions that I had.”

Reid Poling, University of Kansas
“My second summer with M.E. GROUP was even better than the first. I felt like I had more responsibility and got to do more actual engineering. I got to see several issues come up in the design process, and it was fun to work out how best to solve those issues. I got to pick out light fixtures and run calculations to see if they would work. In short, I really felt like I was applying what I learned in school this summer, which was really fun. I also learned more about the different stages of a project, getting to work on the very beginning of projects as well as working on final submittals and RFIs and the like. Finally, it was great to just learn the little tips and tricks of good design practice and easy drafting, altogether making the summer a very useful and satisfying experience.”

Sarah Newstrom, Kansas State University
“Returning to M.E. GROUP for my second internship, I moved from our KC office to Denver, and discovered a whole new side of engineering. This summer, I was able to work on jobs M.E. GROUP was pursuing, which showed me how everything works before the job is actually ours. Sitting in on meetings and calls was very exciting for me! I also learned how to be more organized and less stressed about work, which helped me produce better work in the long run. I loved meeting and getting to know everyone in the Denver office, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the teachers, mentors and friends I have made at M.E. GROUP.”

Tim Bennett, University of Denver
“My internship with M.E. GROUP was one to remember. The first day on the job I expected to complete tasks that I thought interns would do, like copy papers or get everyone coffee. I was very wrong. The first day on the job I was already helping engineers design systems and solve problems. It was incredible to see how willing everyone was to guide me through the design process and teach me new techniques. I looked forward to each day knowing I was going to learn something different that would make a difference in people’s lives.”

Jake Summers, Brigham Young University
“M.E. GROUP has given me a solid foundation (construction pun 😉 ) in MEP work and I loved collaborating on real projects. Working at M.E. GROUP has significantly increased my technical knowledge and familiarity with national electrical codes and regulations. I have done extensive work running photometrics and utilizing the information to design lighting layouts. I also aided in circuiting, preparing luminaire and panel schedules, one-line diagrams and COM checks. I am proud of my work here and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the M.E. GROUP family.”


Jack Arkfeld, Creighton University
“Being an intern for the Building Science practice has truly been a great experience. Working alongside professionals in the energy field, and making sure buildings are run as efficient and clean as possible, is exactly the work I wanted to do. With how the world is becoming more aware of sustainability, it’s nice to be in an industry at the forefront of that movement. Not only did I learn about the complexity of building operations, I also learned how to conduct myself in a professional environment. M.E. GROUP was beneficial to my future career goals, and I hope to continue a positive relationship with the company after this internship.”


Darci Kern, Kansas State University
“During my internship at M.E. GROUP I was able to work on multiple projects with different timelines. I’ve participated in the startup of projects as well as the process of sending them out the door, which gave me more insight into what being an engineer entails. I learned many things while being here, especially about the small tasks that go into a project that we are not taught in school. In school we are given the “bricks” of a building; this internship gave us the “mortar” to make the building possible. M.E. GROUP introduced me to new challenges as well as great people to work with!”

Jessica Budy, University of Kansas
“This summer I was fortunate enough to be a part of the M.E. GROUP team. During my internship I not only learned an immense amount of skills that will undoubtedly help start my career off strong, but I also learned how the industry works and coordinates with each other. I had a chance to sit in on meetings, trainings and even tag along on a site visit. Aside from the opportunity to grow and learn every day, I have gained great mentors who allow me to ask countless questions and never leave me with the short answer. After my time here at M.E. GROUP, I am now confident that I have the skills necessary to begin an engineering career.”

Sarah Hogan, University of Kansas
“My internship at M.E. GROUP was a great experience. Over the summer, my work with the team taught me so much more than I ever expected. I loved being able to work on real life projects and learn about the design process as the projects progressed. I can’t wait to take what I have learned and apply it to what I do in school and my future career. Overall, I had an amazing summer here at M.E. GROUP.”