From College to the Workplace: How Sustainability Matures

By Erica DiLello, LEED Green

A little over a year ago, I was sitting at my graduation wondering what was next and where my degree in Building Construction and Technology would take me.  Having focused on sustainability throughout my college experience, I was determined to stay true to my green conscious.  With technology advancing and opportunities rising, the sky was the limit and it was time for me to dive head first into the big leagues. Thus, I began my search for the perfect opportunity where my skills could continue to grow and my passions are continually fueled.

USGBC Volunteering

Green Build, Philadelphia

With a Green Building Fellowship in tow, I set my mind to empowering like-minded students to initiate sustainable programs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This led me to becoming the Co-Founder and President of the Student Chapter of USGBC on campus. I attended conferences, panels, and anything that would help the Chapter and I learn what potential direction we could take our education. From the granted proposals I had written, focused on LED retrofits and light sensors, working somewhere where I could continue making efforts to lower energy usage on a nationwide scale grew to be my goal.

After reaching out to the companies that seemed to align with my vision, I connected with M.E. GROUP and it quickly became clear that taking a position within a company with such passion for sustainability would enhance my experience. Throughout my time training, I have discovered new methods of energy modeling, which enabled a smoother transition from being a full-time student to a full-time employee.  Currently, I am hosting energy modeling training sessions for my coworkers to spread awareness about how M.E. GROUP Analysts run loads and perform energy simulations. Educating employees on new sustainable methods exemplifies “Improving Life through a Better Built Environment”, not only for the projects we complete, but also in our everyday lives.


The basis of early design analysis that was shown to me in college is continuously evolving. Challenging possibilities for buildings on the brink of technology opens doors to the innovative ideas that M.E. GROUP offers. So what does sustainability mean to me? Minimizing energy usage, while maximizing comfort and productivity. Incorporating analyses of daylight, building orientation / envelope, and computational fluid dynamics not only increases building performance, but also the quality of life for the occupants. As I continue to grow at M.E. GROUP, I will carry this definition to ensure we are Improving Life for our clients.

Erica DiLelloErica DiLello, LEED Green Associate has been with the Engineering Division of M.E. GROUP for one year. Erica is a Mechanical Analyst and contributes her knowledge of sustainable and resource efficient buildings with a background in Building Science and Technology. Erica is proficient at building simulation analysis and energy modeling, and learning mechanical HVAC and plumbing design. She is also building a professional network and is quickly becoming a pillar of M.E. GROUP marketing and business development outreach. Through her desire to stay on the brink of technology, she studies projects and new products and systems for methods of increasing the return on investment, while reducing building loads to decrease the impacts of large MEP systems. | phone: 720.398.6021