For over 10 years, Prologis, which is one of the largest real estate developers in the world, has implemented sustainable design and construction standards in their developments globally, and they earn LEED certifications for core and shell, tenant improvements, and build-to-suit projects. In 2014, Prologis formed a partnership with M.E. GROUP to develop their own LEED Volume Program. As the first Core and Shell volume program of its kind, the Prologis LEED Volume program has certified more than 50 projects throughout North & South America.


Join our Building Science team members, Nate Maniktala, and Katherine Osterman, on May 1 in St. Paul, MN at USGBC’s IMPACT 2018 Conference where they will provide an inside look at the effort and time involved in developing and managing such a program.

Their session, titled “Leveraging the LEED Volume Program to Reduce Costs & Increase Value”, will provide a look through the lens of the Prologis’ Prototype Administrator and Volume Project Administrator (VPA).  This session will provide an overview of the LEED Volume program, the challenges of implementing this kind of program, and the ample benefits of this approach to LEED certification. Participants will discover if their projects are eligible and understand the costs of developing such a program, and will also feature a case study highlighting the Prologis LEED Volume (PLV) Program.  Specific credit examples within the program will be explored to demonstrate the streamlined documentation approach.

To register or to learn more, click here. IMPACT is USGBC’s “premiere green building regional event” in the Midwest hosted by local communities: Central Plains, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri Gateway, Nebraska Flatwater, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Not able to see us in St. Paul on May 1st, but would like to learn more about our LEED Volume Program? Connect with Nate at 402-403-5800.