Matt Coulter1. What is the most rewarding aspect about your job? Why?
I get great satisfaction when successful projects pull a community or organization together. These are projects our staff can be proud of because we have learned something while designing and have put care and effort into ensuring that it provides benefit to the client and is sustainable.

2. What opportunities has M.E. GROUP been able to provide you?
I started with M.E. GROUP straight out of school and spent 2.5 years in the Lincoln and Omaha offices. I had the chance to learn by doing and taking on responsibility to provide meaningful input from day one.  I’ve been a new hire, moved into managing small projects, learned about sustainable design, and most importantly, learned to question “what if” when the standard way of doing things seems like it could be improved.

3. Who/what inspires you?
Curious people who seek to challenge the industry and envision a sustainable future for the design of everything inspire me to wonder what could be.

4. Who was your best teacher in college? What made them the best?
I had a fluids professor at the University of Nebraska who had worked for NASA and loved to quote literature. He had a Mark Twain quote on the cover of the syllabus. He was very sound and entertaining technically, but also very thoughtful about the philosophy of things.

5. What does IMPROVING LIFE mean to you?
Improving life means being mindful of how we work to benefit others.  We must also be mindful of our process and be sure that we are benefiting our employees through growth in knowledge, abilities and pride in their work.  We work to advocate for ideas that improve the productivity, health and lives of building occupants, as well as advocating for the most sustainable design a project can tolerate to reduce the burden on natural resources both through installed materials and energy consumed by the building and its systems.